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Day after Christmas

This has been and very happy and very sad season for me. Im doing my best to focus on the happy and try to leave the sad in the lap of the Lord. I want to do my part in every situation but haven’t felt clear in saying anything . Sometimes we don’t think these things will happen in our little families but they do and we might as well get ready.

The happy happy I’m focusing on is we are getting a new grandbaby in July and that is such wonderful news. For this child I prayed.  My youngest daughter has wanted a child since she was a child I think, and now her deepest desire is being fullfilled. God is so good. We will pray for a healthy baby and do not care if its a boy or girl. Boys run pretty strong on both sides so we will not be disappointed if it is a boy at all. Oh I love boys..

Marcie has been very sick with the pregnacy and I was with my first child . so sick i wished I could die. It was in July and we lived in a trailer in my folks yard without air conditioning and it was over 100 degrees.Being sick in that weather was miserable.  Now they have all kinds of anti nausiea meds and braclets but i dont think they had much 30+ yrs ago.

My three oldest grandsons are coming back tonight and I’m making so plans for my days off tues and wed.  I want to take them to the golf course to sled and take hot chochlate with us..maybe buy one of those stump stoves. they are so cool.maybe by then Coles will be home and will go with us… That would make it double fun for the boys. maybe bman could come too. If Kaylee was there he would have fun…ya….

oh the funniest story. This am before church Beverly (my post office boss and friend) told me she had a dream about me.. in her dream she forgot I worked mon and she went in to work and there i was and i had sooo many christmas deco put up she couldnt hardly walk thro the po. she keeeps everything clear and free of but the best part was i had a matteress on the floor by my desk and had the lobby window open for busienss and 3 little kids on the matteress.. bev ask what? and i said its ok im taking care of them and i can do the window too. dont worry… now she probably will check on me to see if i have brnadt or kaylee there running the window or teaching them how to do emoves. they could probably do it better than me… smile.maybe they could bring their bikes and ride around in the back , theres plentey of room…

I was just looking out the living room window towards missoula and it was so pretty i thought about getting the camera on and now a few m in later the sun isnt shineing on the mountans  and  its not pretty like picture taking pretty., still the most beautiful place a girl could live.

made taco soup and had cokes in bottles for lunch and have the idea to either play games after church or watch a movie, i have the lastest one of the christmas shoes movies.

Well dear friends pray for our firiend Troy who is in the hosp waiting for a heart transplant. Im sure his mama could use some help from God too and all his firends who are so worried about him.. talk to you later… i was just looing at the little kids nativity i have from avon yrs ago and i let brandt put it where he wanted and its on the corner of the piano under the village all huddled together with the 3 vintage white deer looking over it. its so cute. ill post a pic when i get them loaded/ i got a new external hardrive to put my pics on and im so excited, i hope it quickens up my destop comp. If i dont post again everyone have a happy new year and dont let anyone drink and drive.

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Thrusday is Brandts Day at Nana’s

You know being a nana is quite a job,opportunity and blessing all wrapped into a little boy. I love having grandsons, they are a special blessing. They like being out in the country, and not always at the mall. Its pretty easy to entertain boys. Saws, axes, hammers, sleds, wood, kittys, horses to feed, water to run, they like stuff like that and cookies to bake with lots and lots of sprinkles. For the last 3yrs Ive been taking care of Brant on Thrus. I feel like its my opportunity to spend time with him, I dont plan on getting alot done as in housework, crafting, anything that demands my time. I want to have him remember Nana had time to do things with him. He told me today I was his best girl. Hows that to melt a nanas heart. I left the tree on the floor so he could help me. and snapped these pic of him “helping”

Then we proceeded with my chores, I had gotten him a new Max and Ruby christmas movie and he was watching it so I told him Id go out and get my wood in and he could stay inside. Pretty soon here he comes wanting to help. He is a wonderful worker. Loves to help you. (especially if he gets to chop) I ask him if his dad let him chop, “oh no no no” guess its one of nanas things. I help him and he does it. After about 4 wheelbarrow loads , we finished that project and went out to feed and water the horses. He can do alot of things you wouldnt think a 4 yr old could do. Brandt take that hose to the tank, brandt put that rock salt by the frost free. brandt do this. After 2 five gallon pails of pea pellets to the horses and hay to smarty and water in both pens, we are ready to feed the kittys. I came in the house and made some warm milk and he climbed up on the haystack to take the mama hissy cat her food. Then i found my old sled from Kansas. I had a friend in the 3grade that was retarded or mental challenged. I played at thier house all the time. she had older brothers and they would wet the hill behind their house with buckets of water at night and then it would be super slick to go down in the morning. Their dad was the head honcho of the base and they had the coolest runner sled. Well one Christmas after I had 3 kids, I got this huge box from Sally (Janies mom) and it was that sled. Just thought you might enjoy that. So Brandt and I dug it out and since it was freezing rain last night its super slick up here.  He got on at the top by the swingset and went clear down almost to the end of our pasture. The amazing thing is he didnt hit the horse trailer or jims work car and they both were in the way.

The next amazing thing is he just got up and hauled that sled all the way back up the hill without asking , whinning or crying for help. He slipped and fell several times. He is one tough cookie.

Then after about 3 times of that  he went off the road right below the little garden and i said what did you do that for, “so i wouldnt have to pull the sled so far back.

In we came and I made hot choc. with marshmellows and he drew me several pic. using my stamps and ink. I love for the kids to use that stuff. Its now 2 oclock and we have about one hour left before Bible story which he loves esp since Kaylee can come everytime this yr. Thats the other reason I like to keep him on Thrus. so He can go. I guess thats about it for today, did you know?


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Lazerus come forth

I am just smiling every time I think about this little kitty, with the will of steel. He was so frail and little the first time I found him. I dug him out of the hole in the hay and brought him in to meet Gus. Gus was sure he was not This Things Mama, but the little Laz wasnt sure.  After all he had never seen a dog before. But the sad news was I found him right before the coldest day and night of this cold front. It was at least 0 if not colder. I couldnt keep him in the house without his mama and  his mama is a barn cat and wilder than a  march hare. She hisses at me when I’m taking her warm milk. Thats gratitude for you. So I took Laz back out to the haystack and stuffed him? down in the hole with some fleece i had left over from a nother project. The next morning I went out and there he was too close to the top of the hole and he was not moving or making those sweet mewing sounds baby kittys make. he was stretched out just like the others that died. I mourned him all day and felt so bad I didnt do something more for him. Yesterday I went out to feed the horses and cats in the barn and as I was going to the stall I happened to look up and there was the mama on the hay . watching me closely, i told her i was sorry about her babies and from behind her this little kitty head pops up.

LAZERUS COME FORTH> Isnt that the greatest story ever well, besides Jesus coming.

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