I really like doing new things on the computer and this is one thing ive wanted to try. I really like to do alot of different things so therefore Im not really good at any of them. for instance I like to knit in the fall and winter (my hands sweat and shrink the yarn on the needles when its hot) im a bootie, scarf kind of knitter, i love to read, but dont want anything i have to think to hard about because the only time i have time to read is night before bed, in bed… i love to play the piano but like one kid said i pound just like you… great. i have 4 grandsons who i love to spend time with. and lots of other kids that are just as precious to me. i babysat for a family for 12 yrs and 3 kids and they truely love me like a nana. Im kind of grumpy about the horses but down inside i wish i could ride but im too old to try that …i love to garden but im kind of cheap when it comes to buying plants. i am going to try cardboard between rows to keep down weeds. i dont like to can very much but love to give the stuff away. i wish i was better at selling. i see rasp 4$ 1/2 pint at fm and i just cant. Jim and I have known each other since i was a junior in hs.. decades ago. and hes the only boy i went with, only boy i kissed and i married him and dont plan to renew any vows cause i dont plan to break any. i wouldnt trade him for anyone on the face of the earth. ive been trying to read the bible thro for yrs and ive read gen,ex and lev several times i think i need to start at the back next time. i have a little dog and hes my side kick, he would rather go and stay in the car than get left at home. welll thats enough.

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