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isnt it something how you have these adorable little babies and all too soon they grow up and have lives of thier own, go down thier own paths, choose thier mates and sometimes life throws them a curve ball and that mate isnt what they promised to be…in sickness and health, for better or worse, and you wonder where did that love go… you can tell them you love them, pray for them, talk if they want to talk but really you are pretty helpless..its just not fair…i wish i could make everything better for them but i cant..i love the song our choir sings, God sees the storm from the other side,,,, he already sees the rainbow when we see only clouds. God has truely been wonderful to me .i have so many blessings…A im an auntie B i have some little boys in my life,,,C christ is my saviour D deer to watch E envelopes to write in F facebook G good friends H home I internet J julie K athy and kayla L im loved

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