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The Lords Day

This is the day the Lord hath made i will rejoice and be exceedingly glad. We had some folks from willowcreek mt come to look at our grey stud this am. hope something comes from this time .Had wonderful sunday school lesson from karen,,, shes such a good bible student its great to have her teach. Then the message was awesome, even when he doesnt feel good hes the best. Karen took us out to lunch. It was a fun. time and because of graduation we didnt have choir so i planted all those fun things i bought yesterday at the nursury… wow why did i overdo it, but i love everything i bought. hope it all grows because im not the best planter… was thrilled to see my austrian copper rose is coming up from the roots. my mom got it for me when we put the house up here.pretty special. Jims been riding bobs horse, i m like why do you have to do this, why dont you work on your own… the indian howard did buy the little stud and that was a great blessing. im going to enjoy this next 45 min. reading. then go to church and im so excited my sister starts home tomorrow ,,, she cant get here fast enough. miss you shirl


Sat,morning 5/29

this is a day i always look forward to. the big sale at lawyers nursury. i love going and i laughed when i got outside and told gus in the car. that was so much fun, nobody would speak to you, they all glared if your bag touched theirs , and if they did look your way make sure they didnt smile. wow, folks are funny. none the less i managed to buy some trees, bushes and i think i got everything off the list i wanted. wow, im good. i cant wait to start planting. ext stop the butchers nook for some homemade rolls and roastbeef to make french dips, they have this new cheese, yogurt cheese and oh its good on the sandwiches. by the time i got to our drive i saw jim on a horse and was afraid id get him bucked off if i came charging up the lane… so i slowed way down and he goout of the way, good idea.  about the time i got up the lane the indian gentlemen from havre were coming to get the 2yr stud colt. ya…. i hate to see him go but maybe he wont since i havent heard them leave yet. they probably cant get him to load… shoot him…. i said i hate to see him go just because i feed him everyday and im used to him but he does eat an incredible amount of hay. hes a growing boy..i figured this out if i feed one horse 1/4 bale a day and i have 28 horses thats 7 bales aday at about 7$ a bale. doesnt that mean about 50$ round up,. a day and 1500 a month. no wonder we are broke all the time.something is going to have to give. im pretty excited ,, jim and i are going to missoula if he ever gets this horse gone and im going to get a new cell phone. tiff told me she got hers at the mall in the middle, not the reg veriz. store and she got the envy 3 without the data package. im going there. i hate to HAVE to buy a data pack

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I love to take pictures of fruit, flowers, nature, food, kids, i just love to take pictures, My camera is getting a little slow and doesnt hold a charge as long as it used to and ive just purchased a new battery so thats not the prob. i love color and wish i could paint. Kristen (who i babysat 12 yr for)  is an artist and can take watercolors and just bring things to life. i need some lessons. but i have some really colorful pic in my storage that are beautiful to me. The first fruit that comes on in the spring is the rhubard and just last week Kaylee asked if she could go get some and would i get her a bowl of sugar to dip in. sure. whats rhubard without sugar right.? I did get a crisp made out of it and gave some to daughterinlaw Robin. Now shes a baker…Always have her bring dessert, more than likely shell offer to do a cheesecake and take her up on it. It wont be just a plain ole cheesecake but something scrumptous.well its still raining this am. the fields and grass and my garden thats not planted are sure getting watered. everything is so green and beautiful. As i set here typing I can look out the window and see the rock that God carved an N on  the mountain and Nathan always thought it was his. Its still there and I always think of my only son when i see  that N… Its like seeing a cross and thinking of Gods only Son Jesus that hung there for me… Oh how i love him ,How i adore him,… that song is whats in my heart this am. I was reading about faith this morning and trying to hold faith for these ones that have said they were coming to look at horses. who nows how many will actually show but im going to do my best to trust God, He knows we need to sell a few soon…my friend Sunny sings a song God always comes thro , and its true.

this yr im going to try either cardboard or newspapers to keep down the weeds in the garden, cardboard would be easier to hold down but newspapers would composst faster. anything to hold back the power of weeds. i seem to do good at weeding for a few weeks and then as summer progresses i quit.and wala  there goes that beautiful look i dream about all winter.

oh today is the day the chinese wagon comes to town. I wonder how many umbellas will be standing in line at 11. one or two to the restruant owners tried to get rid of them thro city hall but the town showed up in force (it helped that all city hall eats it too) you know they just need to step up , do something different, give out free ice cream cones or something.. i dont know but i think we still live in america. And if they can ban the chinese wagon well what hope does Kaylees lemonade stand have. one time when she was just learning to ride a bike with training wheels she wanted a lemonade stand and she wanted to have it on main street in front of my sisters antique shop. ok she made a poster and about a quart of lemonade, found one little tupperware barbie cup.about 2ounces. and away we go , she with her sales in the basket of her bike and me trying to walk with her and keep up.  she did really well and nobody ask about the commual cup. funny all her clients were adults.

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hunger will actually make you do things you dont want to do like cook. i was whining to marcie about being hunger. you see the real problem is my sister shirley is gone on vac. and i usually eat with them. spoiled i know. but now what do i do? marcie said MMOOMM you can cook. So i just got in the kitchen and made myself a pot of the most delious potatoe corn chowder. I used Italian sweet sausage and oh was it just what i needed. Actually im writing this to see if kayla gave me the right info. ive been looking for this info and all along it was in her comment. I was trying to get rid of the blog writing on the sidebar. duh, having it show up once was ok but twice…..

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WOW !!! what a rainy day

After we were all soaked to the skin, they called the track day but oh what fun it was to see all my little friends doing their events. my my is that thunder i hear. i think so cause as it thrundered i looked up out my window and the horses were looking around too. brandt did have a bad ear infection and is now coming tonight to stay with me, 2 sleepovers in one week, hes on a roll.
we have the paradise prog tonight so ill go get him after that. checked out all the sec hand stores for kayla a tv stand. found some possibilitys.

Thrus. may 27. It looks like England in the rainy season…i kin of like it when its this way. so green and refreshing. i wonder if track day is still on or if they have cancelled and no one called.It will be awfully wet if they have i, but i have an umbrella and rain boots, just talked to kristin and she said she thought they would run it, alec played a double header in the pouring railast night. those adults never know when to stay quit. should have nanas running those things. Gus doesnt particularly like the grass being soo wet. of course if I was that close to the ground i wouldnt either. i hope this rain doesnt detour my people coming to look (buy) horses sat. why do people think they cant come in the rain for crying out loud they will sometime ride in the rain if they live in western montana. i just put two more horses on craigslist. i get tired of doing it and then i get tired of no emails. we had quite a few applications for the 7-8th grade position and administrator. i dont think they all new there were under 10 kids in that class and the pay was so low you could probably still get food stamps. oh my im funny. i wonder how my bman is today. havent heard from nathan, i think hell have to take him to dc. and get antibiotics. . Just talked to my niece and oh i love that girl. Ive got to take a break and pray for her. i have loved track day since tanna and dallas were little. i cant believe how far tanna has come from that first time she threw a frisbee. now shes a track star and played basketball. oh course there is a lot of difference between a 5yr old and a 13yr old. i have enjoyed those kids so much. like having grandkids in paradise. i wish the 3 idaho boys lived a little closer. im thankful its only 2 hours away and not in virginia. i would have a hard time getting there for a ball game. im wanting to work on the garden but i think i better wait till it drys out a little. herb wants to help me. at 94 yrs old he thinks he can help me put up the rows and he can just sit down in a chair and boss me i suppose. i have men from 4yr to 94 yr bossing me. wow im a free woman. why dont i like to get right in and clean this house. i get started on a project and then another and then another and pretty soon everythings a mess. i think ill go do the kitchen wall right now and have something accomplished. its a great day to work on projects. but i have to go to school at 1 to play the piano for those little darlings. i found this yummy cinnamon swirl bread and it makes great toast.

may 26 2010 it is the most beautiful evening in paradise, but i feel kind of dumb, i thought Montananana was the coolest name and so original and then i tried to find it again and walla a bajillion montanananas out there and all of them are accomplished bloggers ,, i sure have a lot to learn, oh well its a sad day when you cant learn something new. i already love it. and if nobody else reads it im getting alot of enjoyment …. i have been trying to sell horses all winter and spring and did get 1 down the road and prospect of another this weekend. ya