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Summers over!

I enjoyed summer so much and wish it would have lasted a little longer, as i had a few more things i would have liked to do. of course i was going to get the basement cleaned and orgainized but i didnt… maybe this winter..who knows.but dont hold your breath ..with this new job i dont have enough energy to do that basement and every weekend there is something special i need or want to do. like this weekend is dalls first football game in tf and maybe sat i can go watch my grandsons play football. i love baseball better but just to have the chance to see them will be fun. another thing i wanted to do this summer and now the weather is almost too cold was stain the deck… we will see if that happens here before the rain sets in…..
right during the fair our bull got out and jim was camping in a mt lake so with the help of my niece and friend we got him in after a long long day of walking, riding the 4 wheeler and praying.
Last weekend we went to Seeley Lake to the Tamarkes Lodge for my nieces 40th birthday. it was so fun all being together.. we shared a cabin with marcie, derek, and zobug.//oh how i love that little girl..
i have this new job at the school. its working with kids and thats what i love doing but the best thing i get to do is see my bman almost everyday… I try to spot him on the playground before school starts and say hi get a hug and then thnro the day i have his schedule taped to my desk and try to either see him in the hall or on the playground or in the lunchroom. what a fun thing it is to see him….I know its not near as fun to see this post without photos but i just felt like jouranally a little….. i dont care if you read it…have a great day, week , fall year…..

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