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Finally,,,, Sunday night is almost monday

ive been having a hard time posting a new post because the header disappers all the time that says new post. finally i logged in and got going that way. oh oh the lights are blinking. Its pouring rain and probably will wash all my seeds away. i kind of dreamed of a nice gentle rain tonight but no it was a wierd fathers day. me and jimmy together alone. not that i mind being alone with hi m but we always have our kids at least some of them here. marcie had already fixed her dad a really nice dinner when we  were there a week ago, nathan called when he was up on the mountain,, wish he would have taken the day off and came to church with his dad,, i know he has to work but i see him offf for alot of other reasons. and no one called from idaho… oh well. i guess you get elephant skin some day and things wont hurt you. there was a nice surprise today, as we were getting ready to eat i looked out the window and there was a bear,, the same one i saw in the night ,,so i ran got the camera and called jim quietly(as quietly as you can call a deaf man) and grabbed the dog.. dont need him getting attacked by the bear.  so that was cool. on my way to idaho to keats game and to celebrate the boys birthdays i saw a moose.. and then i couldnt get hat little song out of my mind im a moose with a cowlick on my head, woke up this morning when i rolled out of bed. looked in the mirror and what did i see,,, a moose with a cowlick lookin back at me….      have to work all day tomorrow and gus gets his little boy operation tomorrow.. well i thought about alot of stuff to write but now im too tired.. hey i got my garden planted this weekend and all put in before the rain… i even rototilled it myself..real farm chick.

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Its keaton steele howards birthday not clarks ,, his is friday.i remember the day keat was born. and have loved him everyday since then. hes a special guy, so talented in many ways.  he  always has a following of girls and is super atheletic. plays football, basketball, baseball. did play soccer. he like to fish,camp. did i say he likes girls. he likes to swim. he got a bedroom to himself this yr and he is very proud of the gators things his family got him for it. we used to race from the car to see who could hold him first. i dont have any digital photos of him as a baby but oh he was cute…… but im going to post a few of the last few yrs. i love you keaton everyday…..

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Wed. June 16.

i believe its clarks birthday. i hope to spend friday with them. well see what the mom has planned. Brandt got here about 6;45 and all is well. i have a few things planned for us. like a walk in the rain with our umbellas. and making sugar cookies. we will definitly have to read glasses for dw. hes eating cheese sticks and im sneaking this blog work in….tues was a busy day on the ranch. jim trys to get all the work out of me he can when hes home. i told him listen buddy when you retire we are going to have to have an understanding because i cant work as hard as he does. the man never stops. we moved horses, shoveled a ton of gravel off the side of the road for the holes in our road. we lifted the rototiller into the truck twice, all the time me telling him its too heavy for me.oh well, hes gotta sleep sometime. im going to work on some scrapebook pages for marcies guest book. today. so im going to go thro all my stickers and embellishments and papers and try to do it nice for her. kristen said she has the receipt for the mints so ill get that and make those ahead and the headers for the cookie sacks. boy it sounds like i better get up earlier for a few days. i love the rain, i dont have to water the lawn. i hate dragging hoses. we say some incredible clouds coming home from bozeman. so im going to post a few cloud pics. some i took in okla. andsome here.

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My presence will go with thee and i will give thee rest.  God spoke those words to Moses and as I was with Moses so will I be with thee. What a Promise. I have thought about a promise journal. I love journals and just have one for a promise a day.It is the most glorious morning. totally blue sky and warm air. the birds are singing and jim is already out working. Does the man ever stop. I cant wait for sunday school. One of my most favorite teachers is teaching today. I just want to go out and set on the deck its so beautiful the am. Thank you God.

Saturday in Paradise

You never know what a sat. will hold in paradise,montana. i like to pretend im sleeping until jim gets the coffee made and has been up and had some time to himself. then i waddle out , looking positively devine im sure. Does he ever say anything. nooo..what he does say is do you want some coffee?  after we got around we went to charlo to a farm auction, its kind of sad looking at peoples lifes gatherings.   All out in the yard for everyone to paw thro. all those treasures i cant get rid of. like the ground hogs day card Nathan made me, the little ground hog pops up on a popcicle stick. oh i still love it. and about every time i got thro a box or drawer there is a beautiful card from marcie ellyn. she can find the neatest cards and then can write the nicest things in them. its a gift. That auction got me thinking about these things ive kept, like a bundle of letters from jim with a blue ribbon tied around them. oh that was such a fun time. so back to sat. in paradise. we went up to charlo and i got tired of all that junk fast so i took gus back to the truck and got my blanket out, book and arizona tea and set against a fence and read while i waited for jimmy to come. he wanted to know if i wanted to go somewhere else and i wanted to go to a greenhouse and look for some borage. its a herb with really pretty purple/blue flowers on it that are good in ice tea. my sis.karen and i found one box of them and were suppose to share but i forgot to get my half and she probably already planted them all. oh well…. the greenhouse didnt have anymore. oh well again.  we stopped at a garage sale and came home to get ready to show a horse. i cleaned the kitchen and then worked on the pew bows for marcies wedding. i made two different ones and are taking them tomorrow to her to see. im excited we get to go. jim has a depositon in billings and derek andmarcie are fixing him fathers day dinner. fun. we ate our dinner on the deck. what a beautiful evening in montana. one of the first. and hopefully not the last. finally jim went and got hay from mark and we unloaded that. its almost 11. but wow june 21 is longest day and thats not too far off. i want it to stay summer for a long time. i walked down and surveyed the garden and tried to figure what to plant where. you know i want it to look like tasha tudors or something and it never does after about a month or two. well i got the dinner dishes done and figured out how to new post. had to remember my password. ya. and now its dark so im going to bed. im ready a really good book. God has been very good to me.

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Brandts day wed..

wed is always busy, starts about 6.45 usually but today i got up around 5 and did my bills and devotions before the man came. hes always so happy to be here its worth all the effort. he decided to change the living room furniture and we did that and it looked real nice outside of one misplaced light, my opinion not his.  i did manage to set up ruby and max and go out and feed the horses. boy those pea pellets are heavy.  but i feel like they all need some,not much grass out there. the rain has help immensely with the grass growing, you ought to see my lawn. oh if they could eat that but they tromp my flowers, bushes and make holes in the lawn with their feet. its been a good day. i finally looked at the missoulian on line and saw my friend lost the election. im sad for him, he really felt he could make a difference and i think he would have done his very best. but you know when God closes a door he might open a window back to where he had you in the beginning ,, for my friend it might be raising his kids and being a full time father, i think there will be plenty of time for politics when those little girls are raised. i know i know thats just my opinion and i do want the best for my friend and im confident God does too. athe thoughts i have for you are thought of good and not of evil.  thats a great thought from the book of jeremiah.i put a mouse trap in my car. those little rascals have been running around in the jockey box. for what i dont know, no food in there. and the back was a playground also since jim left a bag with a banana on it for potassium. healthy little mice till they find my treat of peanut butter on a trap. oh im sneaky….. the farm chick pics were random. coolest boots , littlest chicky, smartest chick(layij=ng in car)

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