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I know the saying is you don’t appreciate things until they are gone but thats not so with my sis. I sppreciate having her everyday of my life. She is 16 yrs older than I am but it makes no difference … i dont know if she feels llike i do but i cannot imagine my life without her. if i have pretty flowers in my yard I wont pick them to bring in the house but i will pick them and take them to her because i kow how much she loves a vase of flowers by her chair/ If i get to go to a sale she cant go to I always think would she like this.? She has fed me so many meals and i love it when clyde is gone and we can make tuna casserole.. There is no one i know that loves her family and friends as loyally as she does.Her grandkids can do no wrong. she will say i know it s not right but……. oh well they are her pride and joy…the thing about my sister is she loves my friends and family too. There is nothing she wont do for anyone and if they are the underdog oh my she will feel so sorry and do everything she can to make thier life easier. She is one amazing woman/. Whatever happens with her health she says Im ok. no it doesnt hurt… but wants to know how you are . Ive been going everymorning I can and stopping every evening i can and I wouldnt trade those moments for anything.
We went on a sisters trip a few yrs ago and oh was it fun. we went to the passion play in south dak. and then to eastern mont. to try and find where our mom was born. we think we saw the place across the river but we did have lunch with some of our relative… we got some salad and stuff at the groc. store and went to the cemetary.according to the town folks all those people our mother lead us to believe were successful wonderful people were a bunch of hoodlum and drunks. way to go mom…. my sister has had christmas dinner at her house for at least 35 yrs for all our family that wanted to come and anyone else that didnt have a place to land…. we tried to have a “family dinner with just our kids once and they said this is awful dont try it again and weve been at sissys ever since.i just cant say enough good things about my sister.. maybe as i think of more things to say ill add to this….shes just the most special person I know and I love her sooo much….i just cant imagine life without her being there.

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