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I Love Christmas

Isnt it wonderful we can put away the orange and yellow stuff and get out the christmas deco. I went to my friends for lunch today and she didnt have her tree up but she had alot of decos up and oh it inspired me. if beverly gets home from id and i dont have to work its all going up tomorrow…..yah….I just figured out what was wrong with my tree last yr. i did it all new aqua ornaments which were beautiful, one of my favorite colors, but i bought new led lights and the were kind of blue instead of white and i didnt like that but this yr im going for more color… im going to town and get lime green and hot pink ornaments… wow itll be a great tree… i have always been so traditional that i just wanted to jump out of the box and do something so different.. and then i cheap to boot so never wanted to spend money when i had boxes of those 20yr old ornaments. i thought about doing all birds  and nests since i adore them but they arent very colorful either so pink green aqua here i come…. youll all be able to see it from whereever you are. it doesnt look like well get a pic with the grandsons so it might be me and jimmy great just what everyone wants huh? I might just go with the homemade ones since i bought the paper and stamp at the last months party.. wisemen on camels. its really pretty but alot of work and i dont know if people even care. i saw some pretty ones at the mangy moose. jimmys on his way to wyoming with the cuban and 2 other guys. its so amazing to me. he was in the cuban army and somehow got over here but he can go back to see his mom.  she lives on a farm with lots of animals and food to eat, while the people from church are so poor they dont have salt. can there ever been some balance in life? well girls i want to start putting some christmas pictures on here so im going to go and get a cup of coffee and piece of pecan pie and enjoy this moment.

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Turn the Christmas Music on

Thanksgiving is over for another year, altho i hope Im thankful more than just once a year. I have so much to be thankful for. Jesus Christ who gave is life so I could live, is the greatest blessing I have. Then it would have to be Jimmy, Hes, such a good man. He loves me and takes good care of me. Our children, who are each one so different from the other. God made them special. My parents were so much a part of my life until i was in my 40s. My dad called me his Love Baby. I have a box of cards andletters he wrote my mom when i was a baby. Mom and I spent lots of time together when dad would be overseas so she was truely my best friend. After I got married and had kids they were the biggest help and blessing in our lives. Im so thankful that we could live in one place and raise our kids with thier cousins and friends. oh the cops and robbers games that were played in the streets of paradise. Im thankful for a wonderful home. Mr Olson built this house and Ill always be greatful for his integrity and hard work he put into it. Im thankful for a place to worship with people of like precious faith. They are truely a family of friends. each one different and unique in their own way. If we can just enjoy each other for who we are and not always try to put people in our little box life will be so much more enjoyable. Im thankful for this little Gus dog. he is alot of fun and company. I do hate it that i worry about leaving for work, everyone with aniamls leave for work. they somehow pass the time.but since its been so cold he hasnt wanted to go out on walks and neither have i. i dont usually write this late at night but i think i must not have made decaf to go with the pumpkin cheesecake. Im disappointed my grandson wyatt isnt going to get to come and have his birthday tomorrwo. i guess the roads are too bad. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Im going to celcbrate my babies birthday this sunday. my sweet sister is cooking for us, i invited them up for dinner and she called and said oh let me cook. ok then.. We brought miss marcie home from the hospital in a big red stocking and the first day we took her to church, the pastor said well you might as well pass her around or we wont be able to have church. so up and down each isle she went and at 6 wks was in the hospital with pnumonia, i dont know that the church experience had anything to do with it. Everyone has loved Marcie from day one. and she has been a tremendous blessing to my life. Thank you Father.

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Winter Has Arrived in Montana

Can you believe it, its the third week in  Nov and we are just getting winter, but with a vengence. Its in the single digets and enough snow for me for all winter. We have had a sad experience here on the wildrose ranch, one of the beautiful calico mama barn cats gave birth and 3 out of 4 have crawled out of the hay stack and got too cold… The last one is so little , i brought it in and fed it a little warm milk with a spoon and introduced it to gus.. Gus being a rat dog i wasnt sure how he would handle it but as you will see in my picture gallery he did great.

well herb has the ringer bell on his jeep beeping and he must not know how to shut it off so i will have to go now…. its cold outside.

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