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New Baby New Year

Im so excited for this new little life. Kathy and Fred have been so wonderful to share Coles life with us. We have watched him grow and learn and change , what  a great time we have had with the little monkey. I looked at the new pictures of CAD and just wonder how will he look, will his personality be similar to Coles or totally different. It so neat about the heart, because the heart loves each on for themselves and their own personality and that love isnt taken away from somewhere else.  We will still love Cole just as we always have but this new little boy will make a special spot for himself. Boy talk about rambling… maybe i need more coffee, or not so much. i have the christmas tree in the middle of the living room in sections. Brandt helped me take it down, the lights probably will  never be the same but who cares I bought more aftrer Christmas just in case.

Paradise is beautiful any time of the year but looking out our windows at the snow covered mountains I have to say wow God you did good. Im not the snow lover some of my friends are but ive been able to see the beauty and enjoy it more this winter. i guess i havent worried so much about the hill and getting out. Im writing this on my new laptop. i have had it for a while but it took me a month or two to have nathan set it up. i probably could have figured it out but it wasnt a big deal. i do enjoy sitting in the comfy chair instead of at the desk. Now i have a desk chair that is actually comfortable so maybe the old desktop will still get some use.

Gus is doing good.. hes on my lap and sleeping. It seems like he sleeps more ,  maybe its the heart medicine. He is just a year old.Never buy a dog that will have to wear a coat in the winter with hair that mats. the coats just make it so worse. you wouldnt think gus hair would mat but under that course top coat is a fine messy mat of fluff.

You meet the most interesting folks at the post office. i met this guy that was in merchant marines yrs ago and is still buddies with all these guys. well one is a lobster boat owner in Hawaii. and he is suppose to send me lobster. we’ll see , johnny might have had a few new years cheers when he told me that. ill let you know becuase these lob. are supppose to be BIG,,, My nephews birthday is jan 1 and i want to have them for him if i get them… we were lucki enough to go to marcies for new years day and they served crab and steak.. oh it was so delious. They know how to make you feel so welcome. when can you come back type of welcome.

update on Laz , he is alive and well and hissy has taught him well hes as nervous as a hen in a coyote den. thats original//// i must get tanna up here to tame the little one. i saw lilly the neighbors dog over here yesterday and hollered out the door for her to go home. she kills cats, eats jims deer, and the cat food. i look aroung and out goes brandt in his jammes to check things out in the barn, oh i love that kid. my cameras in bozeman so i wont post pics and i know its not near as fun without pics. i hope i get to see herb and my sisterinlaw in tf today. pray for troys miracle.