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Hey there all my sweet family girlies, Im back and in fine form tonight. I worked the p.o today and didnt have to call bev a bejillon times. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks, at any rate I’m pretty proud of myself. I love the interaction with the people. One of my favorite people is Joe Calligauri something like that, hes kind of an old hippy looking Italian guy, hes very intelligent and sweet, he vollenteers for meals on wheels. He told me today his kid was doing really well for himself and he had had his doubts and the other one just grad. from yale. I was proud of him , he bought a new suit and went back there to the grad, long grey hair and big black rim glasses, yah for Joe. So today he tells me he ask them both the last time they were home if they needed gas money to get back home and both said no we’re doing ok dad, he about fell out of the chair that was a first. I first met him at voting. I love that too and its coming up fast. Are you all registered and have you sent for your absentee ballots Kayla. Im so excited Marcie is coming home tomorrow. I saved her some grapes and they are still good. I hate leaving my dog when i work at the p.o. but hes doing better. And I try to take him for a long walk at lunch and after i get home. My old friend from childhood Marilyn Twete is coming to see me and bring her dad to preach sat night so Im having them for dinner. well actually im having a pot roast with pototoes. carrots , onions, cabbage…. boy its sounding more like a stew. well whatever it turns out to be will be good. I got to scrapbook this week with my sis in law and niece and i got several pages done, I didnt take anything but my pics and books. bought my supplies… You cant do that every time but its fun once in a while. papers really go out of style and i have a lot of out of style ones.. think ill sell them in a bundle at the grainry. I have the cutest stamp set for fall. Cant wait to make my cards. Kind of halloween so i better get at it huh? my goal is to one day have a pumpkin patch.. I think a maze would be fun and pumpkin bread and seeds and soup and muffins and cookies…. i dont know about pumpkin juice but I have to have the patch first… hey i raised some pretty nice cinderalla ones and jack be nimble ones. I just got hungry for something sweet so im going to see if i can find a pumpkin cookie rec on all rec .com good night all.

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