Sunshine in November

Today is Sunday Nov 14, and I just got done having a yummy lunch of bean and cheese burito with homemade salsa from my home grown tomatoes. Can you believe I still have fresh tomatoes? Its just awesome. The sun is shining on the field outside my window making the tan of the fields look golden against the backdrop of dark mountains and grey sky. God has the greatest color skeme. I guess thats because He made them up. I’m trying to listen to Lady Antebellum but she finally got to me so/ now im listening to lorrie line piano music while i try to catch up. Pandora is so fun. its been a long week and Im tired even today. Ive been wanting to make Gus a coat out some camo fleece and Hunters orange that i have . I just bought him a new one in Plains , and i think i can take the pattern off of it. anyone else want one? I got up to go to work yesterday and thought the bear had stole my three cinderella pumpkins off the steps and i was pretty excited looking around for them well. i found them under the steps with pony teeth marks in them.. those little houdinis…. Last yr i had my green tree decorated with teal or turquoise decos. but i didnt like it very well. One thing i bought new lights and they were the led and they looked blue. Well you couldnt see my pretty deco. very good . so this yr my friend and boss said i could borrow her white tree. Now thats a stretch for me but it would be beautiful.. so to go back to the candycanes and birds on the green tree or do the teal and white.???? Hey i got my outside lights up between thrus and sat./ Bman helped me on Thrus. He is a light in my world.. out of no where he’ll look at me and say I love you nana. I wouldnt trade my time with him for all the good jobs there would be. Oh i love christmas and the holidays altho Im not really looking that forward to Thanksgiving. I am Thankful for so many things. One of which is Wyatt Lane Howard who will be turning 7 this next week. We are going to celebrate his birthday here on Sat after Thanksgiving.I am gietting him a bike and I  need to do that this week. He is a special llittle boy and I love having his birthday here.I am married to the most amazing man. He never ask me why I want to take someone out to eat or spend money on the grandkids or ask him to help me when hes wasted from a 10 hour drive to get home.He loves God and me and our family and my family so much its beautiful. And I love him. I can never remember how many yrs we have been married but its been a long time and it just keeps geting better. God is so good to me.My post office job is coming together and sat i didnt even have to call beverly once… I bet she was thankful since i woke her up friday but she never complains. She is so willing to help me and teach me the right way to do thing. my honeysuckle on the porch is still blooming, amazing and Bmans carrot tops still look good even tho the water in the jar is frozen..   well dear ones I love you all and have a great week niece came home from her job on the coast and it made me cry to see her coming up the walk at church. sometimes we dont know how much we miss people till we see them again. Thank God for her safety. then my precious little great nephew sits behind me in church and i can hear him But I want granpa. What a joy he is to us all. I wish my girlie was here to share with me. I guess im just sentimental today cuz now i have to go and get some kleenexs.

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