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Jimmy took me and gus walking on our property and the buttercups were everywhere..oh i do love spring..even the volite weather, its so fickle…sometimes so warm you dont need a coat and then has you wondering where you left it…all the little baby calves along the road are just so sweet to watch.. One of the last times i was in bozeman we stopped along the side of the road and watched as a mother cow licked her new born trying hard to get it to stand up…our calico mama barn cat is expecting and if she gets much bigger Gus might be able to catch her…hahah hes slower than i am and bman told me i couldnt run very fast…hes right.never could..but i ran fast enough to catch Jimmy…so glad for that….he rode Harley today and Little bit…so proud of him…hes getting ready for the big cutting competition in april…i havent written on here in a long time and i just felt like writing a little something before i go to bed. i know nobody reads it so it is more like a journal..i do love blogs and looking at some of my favorites i can see why no one would want to read mine. i found some starters for my sunrise service lesson today… always glad to have that planned…im making the pioneer womans cinnamon rolls,,, a breakfast casserole, dont know what else yet….have to walk over and invite my neighbors..they have come for 2 yrs..and i love it….the house feels small when everyones here but i wouldnt change it for anything.. im so thankful my bman is having a better time at school, but he did tell his dad hes sad to leave mom….poor baby..why do they ahve so suffer so much…well good night ..sleep tight…

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