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Beautiful Montana

Isnt is awesome to live somewhere that is ever changing and so beautiful,  no matter what time of the day or year it is.. sometimes it changes so fast I dont have time to get the camera. I think I thank God everyday that He has allowed me to live in this place.

I got to have the boys for a day and then took them to uncle Nathans and got to see #4 grandson. Like I told them, my only shot at a girlie is MEH. you go girl… I got my earplugs.

Im bummed out because Robin told me Brandt has school in tf. on Monday and Wed. so I cant have him that day. Now he will miss Bible Story Time. He learned so much…and I LOVED having him there.

The boys were happy to see their parents.

Its the Lords Day and Im excited for church. Thinking about what the choir will sing… asking God to direct my thoughts.

Have a great day friends.

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Post Office 101

Well, i think i might get it. i made it till 4.00 pm when my brain went dead. too bad the hardest stuff to remember happens from 3 to 5. Thanks to my wonderful daughter and nieces I didnt quit. You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but you can sure encourage him to try…. boy that was lame. After work i was going to my friends for dinner and saw a beautiful black bear at the edge of a  hay field.. wow we sure live in a wonderful place…. but it kinda feels like fall in the evening and morning air. I quess we are half way thro. aug. can you believe. it.? marcie has this cool recipe for a weight watcher. I saw a bunch of the barn kittys tonight and oh my are they wild. this is so boring im even bored. i hope kayla is having a great time at the lake…. i hope i get to go see them even for a day.. its so nice to be invited.

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Well after all the planning and worrying its all over for another hundred years. It was a tremendous amount of work but oh so worth it. To see people reunite after many years and everyone have such a nice time. The weather was gorgous and the food was good. The highlight for many was digging up the ‘time capsule’ buried in 1985.  I think the pop exploded cuz it was a mess. but we rescued a few things and im going to try to make something worthwhile out of it.

Fri started out about 10 with an open house… all day long  people trickled thro, enjoying the old pictures, score books and each other. then we left for about an hour and came back at 7 for a singalong with my niece lisa playing the guitar and singing around a campfire.I tried to get her to sing the song shes singing at my funeral for practice but she didnt have it… the only thing that could have been better was if we would have had somemores. we even had pickerings fire truck full of water,,just in case……. how fun was that.

then sat morning i met karvel at school to cut up 12 watermelons and get them chilling, put the waters in the walkin freezer to get icey cold and run home to change clothes and be back by 11 for flag ceremony…. im pretty patriotic so i might say that was my favorite part. Lisa sang our national anthem beautifully…. then we had a short program… gave jamie jerkie for being tough as shoe leather and honey for having a heart for kids somewhere. he taught the longest of any teacher ever….. i took vocab 3 times… still cant talk.. then we started cooking hamburgers.. served hamburger, baked beans, watermelon, chips water, ice cream.. it was so fun.

dug the time capsule,, marcie and derek played games with the kids, some had a work up baseball game. and finally everyone went home……. i went home and made ribs and slickers for jimmy 59th birthday…my mans getting close to the 60 mark… hes still the best thing i got…he helped me with the school stuff so much…..thanks jimmy.well im so tired i cant thnk so im going to try to add a few pics and call it good…… love you all.

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