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Twilight Flathead Lake Cruise 2010

On sat my brother in law took all of our little chick friends and our company on a scenic tour. We wore out the company, you got be tough to do the scenic route in mont. nothings close. started at about 12.30 and headed to BIson Range. to do the big loop. of course whats going to be out in the middle of the day, but since i havent got to go on the trip for a few yrs I would have went in the dark.  We did see quite a bit, in the pictures youll see we managed to get quite close to the bison, antelope, deer. It was great…. Then one of our friends Tootsie thougth we were going to eat there,,oh no..we have plans…. on to st Ignitius to the Catholic Church.. Its so beautiful.. the last time I was there I laughed because here was this fabulously beautiful church and on  a card table in the front was an old aluminum coffee pot with spickit. and taped on the front was HOLY WATER…. at least this time they had advanced to a pottery urn like container…. THere was a baby grand and Clyde wanted me to play it “just to see how it sounded” so amazing grace , the old rugged cross and just as i am went out across the visitors. no one seemed to mind… better hurrry oh no we couldnt stop at the rummage sale that ended up being tthe outdoor quilt show.  So on to polson we go..stop at super one. get the chicken and got to son Gregs cabin on the lake and eat our lunch out by the dock. It is so beautiful up there. I see why they spend every weekend there. I would love a place to go. not to far but away…. the tour on the lake began at 7;30 so we got there about 7.  it was so so beautiful… Ill just have to let my pic tell the story….im going to post this and go to bed. love you kayla kathy and marcie.

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Well its sunday night and Im just getting to the computer.. I had brandt today for church and that was fun, a little distracting, and to tell the truth its hard to have a 4yr old for 4hours and expect them to be still when they dont normally come to church. So all in all I think he did great.

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Summer 2010

This summer has not been exactly relaxng in a lay in the sum , read a book, drink lemonade. Been to a couple of grandson keatons bb games and that was extremely fun. I love bb and since Dallas has moved on to golf and its hard to follow golfers, i miss the every week o baseballl. I did spread my time between brandts tball, tannas track and alecs bb.  Then we had the wedding to do and  now that adrenaline rush is past, my little dog got really sick. Hes so much better thanks to marcies tender loving care. Now that the summer has hit I cant keep everything watered or picked. the raspberrys are coming on…I will be writing a piece about my friends passing.. i havent been able to find a spot on my blog that says new post. so today I tried signing in,,,, good thought huh??? it worked so now i know.

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I Love Little Kids

I met Jimmy at Beavercreek a couple weeks ago to go cut wood for miss wilma,  the lady that lets us pasture our horses. She s in a wheelchair and had some trees down that needed cut and stacked for firewood. When we got there, a family was there building a ramp and this precious little girl took a liken to me.Probably because I took a liken to her. How could you not like a little girl, with shorts, red cowboy boots and her hair didnt look like it had seen a brush since school was out. And to top it off she was carrying around this old rabbit.

The story behind the rabbit was shed gotten it when she was born and it went everywhere with her. She could not go to sleep without it. All the fuzz was worn off a long time ago . I ask her if shed ever heard of the Velveteen Rabbit and no she hadnt. Well this rabbit was definitly real according to the story. It was well loved.

The little girls name is Sandy and I asked her if she had some teeth missing and she gritted her teeth with her mouth open to show me while explaining “bottle rot”Oh what fun it was to visit with my new friend, she helped me stack the wood and said now i had 4 hands instead of two. yep. after a while she ran off to play with her sister and came back with two frogs. She was very proud of them and never quit handling them. Finally I tried to help the frogs out and said theylike cool wet places. she informed me she knew that and they were in her boots with dirty wet socks so they were nice and cozy.

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more wedding

the place marcie chose to be married is a little church in springhill. The setting is the scene from a river runs thro it. and the house and church were both in the movie. the house has a neat little creek running thro the property and a wooden bridge over the creek.  the photographer had marcie on the bridge with her beautiful spanish dress situated just right and the boys brought derek with his eyes closed and when he was on the bridge they let him see her. he just started crying. she was beautiful. when her dad saw her it took his breath away. really. the boys in the wedding party were dereks lifelong friends, and from the storys they told at the reception he lived with each of them at some point in time. marcie chose her brother to be the man of honor and he took alot of ribbing about his “dress” but he looked very handsome. then alyssa , mary, an charity were the other girls. in marys toast she said her and marcie had been best friends forever and then because of her selfishness they lost contact but because friends dont give up on friends they are now back to bff. Mary sang a beautiful song at the reception and she was a big help to me at the house. the church is a neat church but kind of awkward for weddings because it has three rows of curved benches. and the isles are small.

there is a family that plays every sunday at the springhill church from guatamala an they are awesome musicians. Marcie goes at 7am every sunday to practice with them and the singers.

marcie and the piano player sang only God could love you more. and it had everyone cryingafter they all had their tears wiped away from the poem nathan wrote for marcie and read at the wedding… a miracle but caden (the little boy marcie takes care of )did walk down the isle. only because suesue was at the other end waiting and cheering him on. well I just thought id add these things to my other wdding post. the preacher is pastor odey and he said wehn it says before God and these witnesses, that means the congregation is responsible to help this marriage work .marcie had wanted a scrapbook for a guest book,(easier to buy one im telling you) and i made the pages and the little cards i had all stamped and punched with a lacy punch and then they got left at home. so being the rednecks we are we used sticky notes in  hot pink, blue green and orange. oh well we will transfer them and get the pic of each guest sue took and get that scrapbook made. at the last min she wanted me to make mints like charlene made so tues i stayed while the kids were sleeping (she had to work mon and tues) and made mints and froze them. we werew suppose to make mexican wedding cakes and i made little headers and celophane bags to put them in as thank you gifts but as we were getting tired shirley said why didnt we use those dozens of cookies (choc chip__) marcia made instead.. before marcie got home and could veto the paln we had it done sealed and ready to go to the church. except a moust got in my car and nibbled on a couple. when i passed them out and said could i give you a treat and thank you for coming, people mostly took them and ate them immediatly.funny….. then alot of the people left before they did the cake. oh well. it was a fun day all in all and im glad marcie has derek, and he has her/ guess what she hasnt called me once today, we’ll see about tonight, derek says she calls at 10;30 everynight. ill let uyou know.

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Happy Fourth 2010

Im thankful for all the men and women that have sacrificed and gave their lives to keep America free. I love freedom, both literally and spiritually. God has been so good to me and I truely thank Him from my heart. I wish I had pic in my album to show you the men in my family that have served our country. They are special.  I love the fireworks but today is very cloudy and cool so i dont know if it will rain them out or not. I thought it would rain early and hree I got the whole lawn and around garden and barn mowed. Plus i got to see the bear again. he was wandering around up behind our house. I guess hte wind was blowing away and he didnt smell me taking pic of him. Happy Fourth to all my friends and family that might read this.


Well July 1st marked the end of a sad sad season in my daughters life and the beginning of a brand new wonderful season with an incredible guy. Marcie and Derek were married at Springhill Church under a canopy of dark stormy clouds, sometimes sunshine and in the presence of many friends and relatives.  It was an occassion to tuck away in my heart and bring out and enjoy whenever I feel like maybe things arent working out right. Sometimes when God closes a door he opens a window to something so much better. I went with my sister to marcies on the sunday before the wedding on thrus. so we could attend a shower for her given by the church ladies there at springhill. They all love marcie and they showered her with beautiful gifts and love. Then monday morning about 7 we started making salsa with dereks mom for the recieption. about 6 gallons. thats alot of chopping. Monday night was the shower the maid of honor and marcies boss gave her and oh what a lot of laughs and fun we had. eating, visiting opening gifts and doing scrapbook pages for marcie. it was alot of fun. Tues we worked on the bro of the grooms birthday party. served malasian food, and coconut cream pie. Then my sister and i took off for three forks to see her son and that was a blast.  Wed was the rehersal so we bought 100 pieces of chicken , made 40 pounds of pototoe salad and a roaster of baked beans. had a costo cake for this. yul i hate those things, thrus the day of the wedding .. my bro in law was making the cake and it fell apart so the day of the wedding the store came thro and made a beautiful cake for us. sister , niece and i went to the reception hall, The Baxter Hotel and did all the flowers for the tables and helped marcia (Dereks mom) get the food ready. she made chicken , pork, seasoned ground beef, and cheese enchaldas. tacos, crisp and flour. peppers filled with sour cream, and chips and salsa on each table with tthe relish trays i made. By the time i went home that night i was so tired and the people across the street partied till 4am in their garage. oh my….. friday we got up and marcie called for me to bring her some clothes to the hotel they stayed at….. so much for leaving and cleaving… then everyone came to her house to eat leftovers and open gifts. we finally left about and last nigh

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