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Montana Fall 2013

Have I told you I love fall.. This year was glorious in color and climate. I don’t remember seeing such vibrant colors in many years. Some years the leaves die before they hardly have a chance to change but this year it was like a balm to my soul. Everywhere I looked ,oh i need a picture of that. i took alot of leave pictures and most of them had a special little girlie in them… oh it was so fun,, stand there zoey,, lay down in that pile zoey, sit in that tree zoey… I dont know what winter holds but here it is nov 23 and we still have bare ground, yes its a little chilly but so what.. i have a coat, ear muffs, and gloves and i plan on staying inside today to clean for my family is coming for Thanksgiving and oh we have so much to be thankful for….most of all a changed life. im not a sinner anymore, i just checked this morning and God cant remember those sins i repented of. Isnt he awesome.. What a mighty God we serve..
Im making a rug, took an adult ed class last yr and got started but took it again this yr and im hooked. i love making the rugs… This first one is for my 4th grandson. the middle of it is a ninga turtle sheet and he said oh nana is that for me? well if i get it done before you dont like the colors maybe…. oh im going to get it done..dont you love it when people make what they are doing just a little more special than they have teacher always makes soup and hot rolls for our monday night rug class..
Back to the leaves and colors and fall… there was something about it that made me very anxious because as you know what is today might be gone tomorrow, so i was taking pictures as i was driving home from missoula one early morning; that didnt work too well..i just needed those pictures to see this winter i guess.. i love fall..pumpkins,squash, oranges and yellows..mixed with reds and browns.. This post was for me, but you are welcome to read it…leavesleavesleaves 12100_6779 (Small)100_6742 (Small)marcies wedding july1 2010 080 (Small)leaves3

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