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One of the last times I stayed at Marcies in Bozeman, her and the little kids took me to the donut shop. It truely was stepping back in time. Im sure the present authorities on cleanliness and sanitation havent been here. It was so much fun and yummy too. Wouldnt want to go thtere too ofter or I would look more like a donut. This gentle man ,yes thats how i wanted to say it. he is very gentle. evem with ashley and caden. His little shop is close to the university and its just little. he has it decorated with aprons from all over. YThe last time i was there he had just gotten a new one and he wanted to show me. it was hand embrodered and he loved it. when we take the little kids he has them get up on a chair by his counter and he gets them a new donut or rather fresh donut and he puts the frosting on good and thick and then he brings out the pan of sprinkles(what child doesnt like sprinkles) and they get to dip thier donunt in the pan of sprinkles.. They have evidently learned if you really press it down hard and squise it around you get alot of sprinkles. its so fun. This gentle man wears a dirty apron over an old sweater and a leather hat all the time. He gets up early to make donuts and might go upstairs and take a nap in the slow part of the day… hes fun and kind.. too bad there arent more people in business like this man.

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My Uncle

I have an uncle , in fact hes the only uncle I do have now. Hes my moms baby brother and the apple of my grandmas eye. Hes always been my favorite. He married a girl from our town and had 11 kids. The oldest is my age. Jim, Janice,Mark, Marcia, Kathleen, Mary, Megan Mike, Kenneth, Brendon… Marissa passed away/ I loved to go to thier house when I was young. all those kids fun was that. When I got married Megan was our flower girl. Mark works at the hopsital in Missoula so everyone knows him, plus hes so much like uncle. My uncle Pat can play the fiddle like you wouldnt believe. He won the Montana Fiddle State championship many times… after retiring from horner-waldorf he and his buddies played at nine assisted living/nursing homes a week… good way to use that talent.
uncle never ceased to like to make me embarrased. Everytime we saw each other he would say I have a joke for you and I would say is it clean?
Now hes been having some health problems and that makes me feel sad but hes doing much better and planning a trip to dc to watch mike (the cop_) grad from fbi school next week.
you go happy youre feeling better. i love you. i have a really nice pic of uncle i was posting with this but it would show up in my files. sorry

Spring is in the Air

I love spring and after this winter I am so ready .. This weekend was just how i love it. Warm enough a sweater would do and no rain or snow but sunshine. Sunday after dinner with friends Gus and I took a hike up behind out house; If Brandt would have been with me we would have called it an adventure, which he loves .
I pretty much knew I find a buttercup, altho Ive been looking for several weeks on and off. I saw a big paw print, small wolf or big coyote. My neighbor saw 2 wolves chasing a deer right below our property. I told him to sss. get it. he didnt. There is something about buttercups that just make you smile. and i didnt know it but they smell so good. A soft smell. you Just have to experience it. Gus throughly enjoyed the hike and the only buttercup i brought home was one he picked and spit out. I like to leave them in the woods and enjoy them there because they just dont last long picked. Good night friends


On Tues it snowed and snowed and snowed. It was so wet you could hear the flakes hitting the ground . It was also so beautiful I had to go out and take some photos of it. I love the way it hung on the branches. There is a little birdie nest in the wild rose bush down in front of the house and i wanted a pic of it but couldnt quite get it right so opted for grandson instead, much more interesting.. i am getting a little tired of snow but since I cant change anything I might as well see the beauty in it and go out there with brandt and have fun.
Bman decided we’d go on an adventure. He found this perfect seat for me and demonstrated how to set on it, but i declined saving my seat from getting very wet. After climbing on the rocks , we decided to build a snowwoman.. (his idea, since we only had my garden hat) He did really good, but got a little tired and took a break to climb the tree. This was all done in his PJs .since when hes at my house he hates to get dressed, but can always slip those bogs on and go. Hope you have a wonderful day

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Valentines Dinner and a Movie

This yr I decided I wanted to have a Valentines Party for a few of my friends that didnt have Valetines at home doint something special for them. After seeing this movie with daughter Marcie we went to the Hallmark store and purchased it. So i made postcard invited and got them in the usps mail with an update saying bring each lady on this list a valentine. oopps never thinking anyone would cancel. silly me. 3 out of 6 canceled. i could have been discouraged but oh well press on Sue …. I served minestrone soup, a del salad. hot bread with melted cheese and the homemade decorated sugar cookies for dessert. We all enjoyed The Lost Valentine with Betty White. and then exchanged cards. Its was interesting. some made them, some wrote notes, some just signed their name and Ruth brought us each a little red candle with a bow. All in all I had a good time.

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Brother-in-law Clyde

<img src=”; alt=”” title=”cchristmas 2010 util feb 2011 020″ width=”300″ height=”225″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-428″ />In Dec, my brother in law Clyde Deroy Terrell officially retired from Country Ford in Plains Mt. and his boss gave him this huge party. He had talked about retiring before but Wade said not until we get in the new building and can have a party..Party he did. He furnished the pig and everyone brought dishes. There was alot of food and people. All of clydes grandsons , his son, his daughter and a multitude of friends many or most of whom hed sold cars to down thro the years. This isnt the first time Clyde has retired , he served in the AF for 20 yrs and then in 73 retired and has been selling cars since.
Clyde means a lot to me. He married my bebe when i was two and has treated me so good ever since. He has loved my husband and kids like he was their dad or grandpa. giving advice, loaning money, hauling us to ball games and tournaments for yrs. paying our way to those events because we could not have gone otherwise. Never making us feel poor.just wanted. Clyde is always the one there to help you move, mow, shovel, do the work. get her done. He has been so supportive of my bebe how could i not love him. Hes the one that makes things happen in our family, has always been there for everyone.
Clyde I love you.

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