Brother Maxwells last visit to the Big Sky Country

bro maxwell and kaylees 8th birthday 9 10 051bro maxwell and kaylees 8th birthday 9 10 054bro maxwell and kaylees 8th birthday 9 10 0478-2010 bear flowers 014 (Small)

Bro Maxwell was a wonderful friend, mentor and brother in Christ… We loved him dearly and he made his last trip to Montana a few years ago… and not hes made his final trip to be with his beloved Hulda and Jesus. We so enjoyed him. He loved to play dominos and beat me every time but maybe one.. He probably was sick or let me win then… He loved my cornbread and said it was the best hed every eaten so i introduced him to maria calendars. ha… Our wish was to go see him the summer of 2013 but on our way he past from this life . Oh i miss him…..

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priceless princess zobuggy

Princess Zo with her cowboy boots ready to roll

Princess Zo with her cowboy boots ready to roll

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Montana Fall 2013

Have I told you I love fall.. This year was glorious in color and climate. I don’t remember seeing such vibrant colors in many years. Some years the leaves die before they hardly have a chance to change but this year it was like a balm to my soul. Everywhere I looked ,oh i need a picture of that. i took alot of leave pictures and most of them had a special little girlie in them… oh it was so fun,, stand there zoey,, lay down in that pile zoey, sit in that tree zoey… I dont know what winter holds but here it is nov 23 and we still have bare ground, yes its a little chilly but so what.. i have a coat, ear muffs, and gloves and i plan on staying inside today to clean for my family is coming for Thanksgiving and oh we have so much to be thankful for….most of all a changed life. im not a sinner anymore, i just checked this morning and God cant remember those sins i repented of. Isnt he awesome.. What a mighty God we serve..
Im making a rug, took an adult ed class last yr and got started but took it again this yr and im hooked. i love making the rugs… This first one is for my 4th grandson. the middle of it is a ninga turtle sheet and he said oh nana is that for me? well if i get it done before you dont like the colors maybe…. oh im going to get it done..dont you love it when people make what they are doing just a little more special than they have teacher always makes soup and hot rolls for our monday night rug class..
Back to the leaves and colors and fall… there was something about it that made me very anxious because as you know what is today might be gone tomorrow, so i was taking pictures as i was driving home from missoula one early morning; that didnt work too well..i just needed those pictures to see this winter i guess.. i love fall..pumpkins,squash, oranges and yellows..mixed with reds and browns.. This post was for me, but you are welcome to read it…leavesleavesleaves 12100_6779 (Small)100_6742 (Small)marcies wedding july1 2010 080 (Small)leaves3

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Spring means Baseball Season

I love everything about baseball. I love all the good life lessons it teaches kids, to name a few, how to be a good¬† sport , learn about team playing, respect for others, empathy, doing something besides sitting in front of the video games. I love the concessions, whats not to love. nothing like a hot cup of coffee and a fresh maple bar on a crisp spring morning while watching a grandson play baseball.¬† I love seeing all the kids interacting and having so much fun. I love the patriotism ..Last year I got to go to the Idaho grandsons opening ceremony. They had all the leagues run out on the field and they all took off their caps , crossed their hearts and said the pledge. It was awesome….

There are so many great baseball stories but ill just tell you one of my favorite. It all happened about 15 years ago when Dally was in TBall and i got in trouble for trying to take pictures.. they said you cannot stand behind the pitcher, get off the field..well it didnt stop me from getting a few shots then…last year bman and I took a little road trip to Idaho to watch the cousins as he calls my grandsons and he and i were on the other side of the bleachers again trying to get a good shot of Keaton, Bman yelled Hit it hard and my family in the stands said Thats the Montana crew.I guess people in Idaho don’t cheer loud.

The end. I love baseball.



icould go on with stories, like when i got in trouble about 15 yrs ago trying to take pictures of Dally , they said you cant stand behind the pitcher…

Here we come coach

Here we come coach

opening games 2012 idaho 106

its good

its good




I know the saying is you don’t appreciate things until they are gone but thats not so with my sis. I sppreciate having her everyday of my life. She is 16 yrs older than I am but it makes no difference … i dont know if she feels llike i do but i cannot imagine my life without her. if i have pretty flowers in my yard I wont pick them to bring in the house but i will pick them and take them to her because i kow how much she loves a vase of flowers by her chair/ If i get to go to a sale she cant go to I always think would she like this.? She has fed me so many meals and i love it when clyde is gone and we can make tuna casserole.. There is no one i know that loves her family and friends as loyally as she does.Her grandkids can do no wrong. she will say i know it s not right but……. oh well they are her pride and joy…the thing about my sister is she loves my friends and family too. There is nothing she wont do for anyone and if they are the underdog oh my she will feel so sorry and do everything she can to make thier life easier. She is one amazing woman/. Whatever happens with her health she says Im ok. no it doesnt hurt… but wants to know how you are . Ive been going everymorning I can and stopping every evening i can and I wouldnt trade those moments for anything.
We went on a sisters trip a few yrs ago and oh was it fun. we went to the passion play in south dak. and then to eastern mont. to try and find where our mom was born. we think we saw the place across the river but we did have lunch with some of our relative… we got some salad and stuff at the groc. store and went to the cemetary.according to the town folks all those people our mother lead us to believe were successful wonderful people were a bunch of hoodlum and drunks. way to go mom…. my sister has had christmas dinner at her house for at least 35 yrs for all our family that wanted to come and anyone else that didnt have a place to land…. we tried to have a “family dinner with just our kids once and they said this is awful dont try it again and weve been at sissys ever since.i just cant say enough good things about my sister.. maybe as i think of more things to say ill add to this….shes just the most special person I know and I love her sooo much….i just cant imagine life without her being there.

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Summers over!

I enjoyed summer so much and wish it would have lasted a little longer, as i had a few more things i would have liked to do. of course i was going to get the basement cleaned and orgainized but i didnt… maybe this winter..who knows.but dont hold your breath ..with this new job i dont have enough energy to do that basement and every weekend there is something special i need or want to do. like this weekend is dalls first football game in tf and maybe sat i can go watch my grandsons play football. i love baseball better but just to have the chance to see them will be fun. another thing i wanted to do this summer and now the weather is almost too cold was stain the deck… we will see if that happens here before the rain sets in…..
right during the fair our bull got out and jim was camping in a mt lake so with the help of my niece and friend we got him in after a long long day of walking, riding the 4 wheeler and praying.
Last weekend we went to Seeley Lake to the Tamarkes Lodge for my nieces 40th birthday. it was so fun all being together.. we shared a cabin with marcie, derek, and zobug.//oh how i love that little girl..
i have this new job at the school. its working with kids and thats what i love doing but the best thing i get to do is see my bman almost everyday… I try to spot him on the playground before school starts and say hi get a hug and then thnro the day i have his schedule taped to my desk and try to either see him in the hall or on the playground or in the lunchroom. what a fun thing it is to see him….I know its not near as fun to see this post without photos but i just felt like jouranally a little….. i dont care if you read it…have a great day, week , fall year…..

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Zobug in the strawberry patch

One Summer Day the Halden family came to see Nana and Pa and we picked strawberries and made strawberry freezer jam. Zoey likes to be right in the middle of things and soooo her and her mom tried to pick some berrys from a sitting in the middle of the patch postion, but really all zoey wanted to do was eat strawberries… Thats fine with Nana cuz shes so cute..much more fun taking pictures of her… we did have a wonderful strawberry crop.made 4 strawberry pies, 8 batchs of jam, gave away a few gallons and ate all we wanted right off the bushes…. actually it was nice because we are not going to have much of a raspberry crop do to jimmy pruning them with the chain saw…need i say more?

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